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Erasers are necessary for school and office. You do not need to be a scientist to know that erasers make such one of the most important elements in the workplace and school. Although people do not like to make mistakes, there are times when they do. This is an example where the erasers will be useful.

Erasers are mostly used by students who are in 1st to 8th class in school. Because children’s often made mistakes while writing with their pencils in a school notebook. Erasers come in handy by removing and correcting the wrong words every time.

Most erasers are designed to remove the pencil marks. Other erasers are designed for use on typewriter marks. Some special pens that contain erasable ink which can be removed using erasers. While some erasers are sold separately as wide, slender blocks, erasers are also found permanently attached to the pencils. Some erasers are temporarily attached to the pencils. Some erasers are enclosed in wooden cases that resemble pencils.

How are Rubbers Made?


The most important raw material used in erasers is rubber. Rubber can be natural or synthetic. Natural rubber is obtained from latex, produced by the from the rubber tree (Pará rubber tree).

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is present in various forms. The most common synthetic rubber chemicals obtained from styrene and butadiene. Styrene is a liquid derived from ethylbenzene. Ethylbenzene, usually from ethylene and benzene, both of which are derived from petroleum. Butadiene is a gas obtained directly from oil or substances known as butanes and butenes, which are derived from petroleum.

Various other ingredients may be added to the rubber while making erasers. They include vegetable oil, which makes the rubber softer and easier to shape, and pumice, a natural mineral that makes the eraser more abrasive and fragrances to make erasers smells so good.

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