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Good and Evil are two of the greatest mysteries of the world. While a well-considered nature of God, is considered evil nature of the devil. Often, we think of each other and even enemies of each other.

However, in all the scriptures dream of a world that can be created and exist even where there is no any evil exist. In this era of Indian writing called “Satayuga” (era of truth) when the truth has prevailed, and there was no evil. The scripture describes this era as Kalayuga (Age of Evil), since the only evil rules in the world.


The Bible and the Koran also noted that before the fall of Adam, when he ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, there was no evil. The world was only good and the people were immortal without problems.

However, as the era had never seen and did not discuss logically, as we have always believed that such a world is possible. If such a world does not exist today, it is only as a result of the sinful nature of modern man.

This is because; most people believe that you can be good without being evil.

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