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The explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy under extreme conditions, usually with the formation of high temperatures and gas emissions. Supersonic explosions created by explosives are known as detonations and supersonic shock waves. Sub-explosions are created from low-voltage substances through a slower combustion process, known as deflagration. When this is caused by a human-made device, such as an exploding rocket or fireworks, the sound component of the explosion is called a “report” (which can also be used as a verb, for example, “the rocket reports a loudly upon impact”).

Nature Explosion

Explosions can occur in nature. Most natural explosions occur due to different volcanic processes. Explosive volcanic eruptions occur when magma rising below has much dissolved gas; a decrease in pressure as magma increases leads to the fact that the gas leaves the solution, which leads to a rapid increase in volume.

Explosions also occur as a result of percussion events and phenomena, such as hydrothermal explosions (also due to volcanic processes). Explosions can also occur outside the Earth in the universe in events such as supernovae. Explosions often occur during fires in eucalyptus forests, where volatile oils in wood peaks suddenly burn.


Astronomy Explosion

Among the biggest known explosions in the universe are supernovae that occur when a star explodes from the sudden onset or cessation of nuclear fusion and gamma-ray bursts, the nature of which is still in contradiction. Solar lights are an example of a conventional explosion of the Sun and, possibly, most other stars. The source of solar energy is the entanglement of the lines of the magnetic field, which arises as a result of the rotation of the conducting plasma of the Sun. Another type of large-scale astronomical explosion occurs when a very large meteoroid or an asteroid impacts the surface of another object, like a planet.

Nuclear Explosion

In addition to stellar nuclear explosions, a man-made nuclear weapon is a type of explosive weapon that receives destructive power from nuclear fission or from a combination of fission and synthesis. As a result, even small nuclear weapons are much more powerful than the largest conventional explosives, with one weapon that can completely destroy the whole city.

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