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The United States and the United Kingdom are frequently described as two countries divided by a common language. Despite the fact that English is the most frequently used language in both nations, there is sometimes a distinction made between the English spoken in the US (American English) and the English spoken in the UK (British English). The distinctions between the two types of English are typically small, but they do exist, notably in terms of spelling.

Depending on whether you follow American or British spelling rules, both favourites and favorites are valid spellings. In American English, the word favorite is preferred, but in British English, the word favorite is preferred. Favorite or favourite can be used in some cases, and the right form depends on whatever style guide you use. “Favorite” and “favourite” have a similar origin story to other English terms.


In American English, the word “color” is spelt with a “-or” ending, but it is spelled “color” in British English. Other instances are “taste” and “flavor,” “honor” and “honour,” and “rumor” and “rumour.” The list might go indefinitely.

For a long time, there was no agreement in the United Kingdom on how to spell nouns ending in -or or -our. As evidenced by his 1755 dictionary, we know that Samuel Johnson, the famed British lexicographer, had a strong predilection for the -our forms of terms. On the opposite side of the Atlantic, Noah Webster, a well-known American lexicographer, aimed to make the English language used in the United States genuinely American. As a result, the -or spellings of the contested terms were approved in his 1828 dictionary.

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