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Feathers are the most important parts of the bird. Only the birds have them and in spite of us, people notice them primarily for their beauty, feathers are a wonder of nature.

Biologically speaking, the feather is outgrowth skin of the bird, as well as the hair in mammals. Like the scale and toenails, and the sheath of the bill, feather are keratinous or consist essentially of a fibrous protein.

They serve as insulation for the owner, assist in the flight, providing camouflage, help to ensure the pairing, prevents injuries and are usually waterproof. There are at least five or six kinds of feathers which are classified by ornithologists.


Some birds have such beautiful feathers, that has lead to their reduction. Exotic birds such as parrots have suffered great setbacks in their quest for survival because of the desire of man to show them. These beautiful birds are still taken from the wild by illegal operations and some of them are dangerously close to extinction.

Feathers also serve as a support to the woodpecker. Specialized spine-tipped feathers called rectices help these birds prop against the vertical surfaces of trees.

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