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In agriculture, a field is an area of land fenced in or otherwise used for agricultural purposes as crops, corral or other livestock enclosure. The field can also be left to lie fallow area of arable land.

Many farms have a field boundary, usually consisting of a strip of bushes and vegetation used to provide food and shelter for wildlife to survive. It has been found that these borders can lead to an increase in the diversity of animals and plants in the area, but some cases to a decrease in crop yields. In Australian and New Zealand English, any agricultural field can be called a paddock, especially for keeping sheep or cattle. If herds are grazing there, this space can be called a run, e.g. sheep run; cattle run. The term “paddock” is used, in particular, in animal husbandry for a system in which pastures are divided into small areas, paddocks, and the stock grazes in each paddock in turn for a short period. Paddock grazing systems can be designed, for example, with 6 or 11 paddocks used alternatively.


The paddock is usually fenced in, usually with wire, and is often defined by its natural boundaries or otherwise considered different. A back paddock is a smaller field far from the farmhouse, probably lower quality land. The equivalent concept in North America and the United Kingdom is pasture.

In Australia the word seems to have had its present meaning since at least 1807, and in New Zealand since at least 1842. However, the English meaning of “field” was used earlier in Australia and is still sometimes used today. Similarly, the meadow was in early use and appeared later, for example, in 2004. The field is still used regularly in Australasia, such as the football field, Field Day, and field trips.

In a new style of intensive farming developed in North America, a paddock is a small (approximately 1 acre) temporary unit of pasture made with electric fences that graze intensively during the day and then is left to rest, perhaps for 80 days or more.

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