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The filmstrip was a common form of still image instructional multimedia that have been used by primary and secondary school teachers (K-12), who were caught by the end of the 1980s with new and more inexpensive full-motion videotapes and later DVDs. From the 1940s to the 1980s, filmstrips provide an easy and inexpensive alternative to 16 mm educational films, requiring very little storage space and fast rewind for the next use. Filmstrips were large and durable and rarely needed splicing. They are still used in some areas.

The filmstrip is a roll of a 35 mm positive film with approximately thirty to fifty images stacked in a sequential order. Like the 16mm film, the filmstrip is placed vertically down in front of the projection hole, not horizontally, like the projector. Therefore, the frame size is smaller than the normal 35 mm film. Two frames from the filmstrip occupy the same place as one 35 mm frame, including a protective tape, so that the 25th 35 mm film can contain 50 film strips. Early celluloid film strips had a habit of melting or being burned by the intense and prolonged heat of the projection lamp. They are called pictural filmstrips, the first filmstrips that are produced in the complete set.


Typically, the duration of the film strip is from ten to twenty minutes. Depending on how they were transferred or produced, the filmstrips (often came with an instructors guide) are flexible enough to be used in both stand-alone formats and in a full class. In addition to the simple wall or screen projection equipment in the classroom, there were also personal screens available with a screen with a screen size of about 8 inches diagonally for closer viewing by one or two people.

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