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The fireball is a simple projectile in the Mario video game franchise. You can shoot fireballs only if he or she acquires a Fire Flower. Some enemies can shoot fireballs without using the power-up. (In addition, Mario and Luigi can shoot fireballs from their hands without using the Fire Flower.) Ice Balls can be seen as a parallel to fireballs.

Super Mario Bros.

Fireballs debut in Super Mario Bros., where Mario and Luigi can shoot these fireballs only if they have they acquired the Flower of Fire. They are affected by gravity and can bounce into the ground. Most enemies can be defeated with one fireball, and Bowser with five. Hitting Bowser and his fake five fireballs will beat them and give 5000 points; the last seven will also show a common enemy that has been disguised.


Super Mario 2

Fireballs appear only as enemy projectiles in Super Mario 2. Pansers shoot two fireballs at the same time (gray/green ones shoot them, straight up, while the others shoot them toward the player in an arc). Red and green/gray birdos spit fireballs; The former also shoots eggs, but the latter does not, forcing them to use Mushroom Blocks to defeat them. Autobombs also shoot fireballs at players if Shyguys are on them.

Mario Carter 7

Fireballs appear in Mario Kart 7, where they are used as special weapons. They can only be used if the item “Fire Flower” has been obtained, allowing racers to shoot fireballs forwards and backwards. A racer hit with a fireball loses a single coin.

Fireballs reappear on the Super Mario World television series. They can be used by Fire Mario and Bowser Statues.

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