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When you hear the word fleet, your brain automatically thinks of a large group of ships or transport trucks. But, really, if a company has a vehicle or a group of vehicles that they use to manage their business, then they have a fleet. Furniture stores, moving companies, flower shops, product manufacturers and places alike have fleets. The dictionary defines the fleet as a group of vehicles that work together in the same property. Fleet are those vehicles that are registered with the same name, which usually refers to business, and each vehicle is assigned its own identification code by the Licensing Department.

The main function of the fleet is to transport goods from one place to another. They are important for the business activity for many companies. If we did not have fleets, many of the products that we buy today will not be available to us. Many of our most important needs will not be available for mass consumption, and we will completely depend on how to localize things that will pose a problem, because most of the goods are not produced locally. Due to different climatic conditions in our country it is impossible to produce everything that is necessary at the local level. Therefore, we depend on the shipment of these items from other regions so that we can have access a wide range of goods.

Fleet Management


Fleet management is carried out by an offshore company or a fleet manager employed engaged in business. Fleet management is a lot of work, because it includes responsibility, such as mapping the best routes, reimbursing drivers, tracking vehicles using GPS, monitoring repairs and maintenance, keeping track of receipt stacks and reimbursement checks and, more importantly, tracking fuel consumption. This is done so that the costs of fleet operation do not adversely affect the profit of the business. If this is so, then it means that something needs to be done to ensure that the value of the ship of the product does not exceed the profit obtained from a good sale.

There are companies specializing in providing software for fleet management and fleet maps that can facilitate the work of the fleet manager. This software controls GPS tracking, helps display the best tracks, monitors fuel consumption and looks for any unauthorized charges on the fleet’s fuel cards. The fleet manager is displayed with daily, weekly or monthly reports, highlighting any suspicious activity, and ensuring that the costs are met in the budget.

Proper fleet management increases the likelihood of increased productivity. This is very important for business, because high productivity means profitability, and when a significant part of your business depends on successful management of the park, it is vital to work with maximum productivity.

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