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Have you ever sat in amazement, watching a local flock of birds as it made rapid and abrupt changes of direction and the flock followed? By observing the flocks of local birds, you can see right away that they are very different from flocks of migratory birds since migratory birds fly in a straight line. It is difficult to say why the birds fly together in formation in local flocks and seem to challenge each other as to who will lead the formation, but it seems that is what they do. With long-distance migrations, it is obvious that they do this for aerodynamic advantage.

Now take this analogy and offer you a thought, then sit back and think for a moment while compare this to innovations and changes in a given industry, as industry leaders position themselves with new innovations, research and development, and the other companies are following them. Sometimes the industry has a pretty good idea of ​​where it will go in the future, but it doesn’t know exactly how to get there – or the exact intended destination – only that it will eventually get there.


Let’s take a look at Apple and its latest iPod, iPhone, and iPad – you’ll have to admit that this represents a lot of innovation for a single company in no time. It seems that when you think there can be no new innovations, Apple offers something unique. They are certainly innovators in the personal technology industry, personal computers, and who knows what else in the future? Each time they innovate, the flock follows. Some other societies or birds follow very carefully and try to imitate them almost accurately.

Other companies remain behind. They take things in hand without trying to fight for pole position or to follow them. Rather than the flock making a difficult right turn, they can adjust their trajectory vector slightly to catch up with them. In essence, the following companies, mimics, and copiers of their innovations, patents, and intellectual property spend far less energy, although you can safely say that they are still part of the flock (industry).

Older or weaker birds do this most often, especially if they cannot keep up with younger and healthier birds, which may show themselves to potential partners or fight over the pecking order.

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