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The flowers can heal and soothe not only by its beauty and sense of comfort when they are around us. Traditional healers from all cultures knew well the healing power of flowers and invariably used them to treat a variety of disorders of balance and health.

The flowers are real batteries for our bodies as they grow, it constantly receive energy directly from the sun and the energy field of the earth, and one accepts that energy from them.

And while as herbs can treat form of potions prepared by their roots or leaves, the flowers can have a beneficial effect on our body and psyche without even having to be torn off, simply with their beautiful colors and sweet fragrance.

Different colors of our pots can show the emotional state of their owners. For example, yellow is the color of the solar energy of a new day and a new beginning. Symbol of happiness, warmth and comfort to ourselves and the world around us. Yellow flowers can treat infectious diseases and recommend a cheerful, lively and energetic people.

The red color is associated with the circulatory and nervous system. Red flowers help in diseases and problems with internal organs, hormonal imbalance and diseases of the digestive system. Planting red flowers is recommended for people with increased physical activity, people with racing spirit and striving for leadership and victory.


Green affects the mind. Green plants amplify productivity of thought processes incite more purposefulness and perseverance, logical thinking and sound judgement.

Blue or violet color associated with night and lunar cycles. The color of blue brings comfort, relaxation and rest, which is why these flowers help good sleep and have a sedative effect. Purple color even reduces appetite and stimulates the functions of the pituitary gland and helps overheating, stress and high temp.

White flowers strengthen mental condition and are recommended for people who suffer from various mental problems, returning sanity and relationship with reality. People with obsessions, psychosis, depression, paranoia and schizophrenic must have a strong relationship with white flowers.

We can conclude that colorful and bright colors and tones enhance arousal and increase energy. The presence of such flowers helps release of the hormones adrenaline and melatonin serotonin by ourselves, while the colder colors and tones calming and sedative.

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