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An eBook reader review could be a big help in deciding which eBook device you want to buy. E-books are becoming more and more popular, and it’s not really a surprise. After all, they are portable, practical, and take up far less space than your average paperback. You can insert hundreds of books in a single reader, not much larger than a trade paperback book.

But which reader will be the right one for your situation, your budget and your needs? An eBook reader review may help you find out. A major factor for many people is the file format supported by their eBook device. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

There are a few main formats that almost all eBook devices will support. The HTML, txt, jpg and pdf file formats are so common that it would be silly for any e-book reader not to support them. However, many manufacturers use their own proprietary formats for the e-books they sell. This means that you must own their specific brand of eBook reader.


Review all of the different options before making a choice and be sure to think carefully about where you will primarily buy your eBooks. After all, nobody wants to be left out of a lot of the books available just because they bought the wrong eBook reader.

The Amazon Kindle uses its own proprietary format, called azw. It is a variant of the Mobipocket format. Many other eBook readers use the open source ePub format, but Amazon chooses not to. Early versions of Kindle did not fully support PDF documents either, but now do. Sony e-books use their own proprietary format, called Broadband eBook or lrf. However, Sony also gives users the option to read ePub formats. Fortunately, both providers will also allow you to convert books in other formats to the one used by their eBook reader.

Review the conversion process before buying to make sure it won’t be too troublesome for you.

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