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One of the best ways to decorate the walls of your home or office space with a hanging frames, which come in various sizes, shapes and materials.

Frame Size

A popular frame size is most often used for the portrait is a picture frame 16×20 and 24×36 picture frame is a great size for cropping images. The various materials from which frames made of wood, metal and plastic. Select a frame that best accentuates the photo or artwork you want to show, as well as making sure you choose the correct frame size hanging on the wall. Incorrect frame size hanging on the wall can be unsightly and spoil the whole idea to enhance your room decor. Choosing the right style and size of the frame can improve the overall atmosphere of your home in a simple manner.

Finding the Studs in a Wall

When hanging drywall frames better to use tool for finding the studs, so that you can hang the frame safely and securely to the wall using a hammer to a finishing nail at an angle of 45 degrees in a wooden pin. Whether hanging out at 8×10 or 24×36 picture frame using studs is always useful, but not the only method used for hanging frames. If the screws are not in the place where you want to hang the frame, then you should use a hook pattern, maintain the correct weight of the frame. There are many different types of suspensions of pictures available and best suited to almost any frame size from very small to very large. For larger and heavier frames good guide hook is one of three claws that can support objects weighing from 50 to 100 pounds.


Hanging Frames By Screws

Another method for assembling wall frames is to use screws. Screws are generally not used on a regular sheet rocked walls, because the picture hangers for drywall make small holes in sheet rock and offer a safer hung frame. The screws are typically used for walls of concrete, stone or brick, because this kind of walls need extra support and strength of screws. Using a drill and a mason drill bit, drill a hole in the wall and insert the screws. You can also consider using a screw anchor, which will provide tightly screw in the wall so that you can hang large and heavy wall frames hanging safely.

Using Adhesive

You can also use adhesive for hanging frames. They are simple and quick and does not require any holes to be made. Various types of adhesives are available on the market today. You can talk with the seller, and it will show you the various options available. The biggest advantage of using adhesives is that there is no need to drill holes in the wall, in contrast to the other methods. You simply select the area and keep them where you want to hang a picture. However, you can hang a heavy picture using a glue. Adhesives are widely used for hanging small frame as the construction of 5×7. Some types of adhesives will keep the wall frame 5 lbs.


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