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Friendship is the word, whose view which in print warms the heart. Friendship is like your bank account; you always take care to deposit more than you withdraw.

There is great importance for a friend in all aspects of our life. A friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you in the same way. When we become friends, it does not matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, so if he’s a real friend or not, can he justify your expectations or not? If he is able to do this, then he is your best friend, and this proves that he will always be with you.

In our life there can be many friends, but there is always a person with whom you are really close, this person is your true friend. In our small world, a true friend is rarely found and hard to find. The secret of healthy friendship is how to invest more in a relationship than demand.


When we create new friends, the first thing we ask is “who do you think is your best friend”? Some take the names of good friends, but the most common answer we can hear is “My best friend is my mother” and it’s true. Most often, we share everything with our mother, but in life there comes a time when there are some things that we can not tell to our mother, what then? Then there is someone with whom you can share your thoughts, this person is your true friend.

At that moment, satisfaction is expressed: “Like an old wine, the true friendship grows stronger with time.” The person with whom you share all your thoughts, believe him, and you know that he will always stand with you every moment of your life, maybe your sorrow or happy moments, it will always be for you. Such friendship is known as true friendship.

A true friend knows everything when you do not say anything. He can read your thoughts without telling you anything, and then tries to cheer up, doing everything possible, just wanted to make you smile.

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