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Every member of the family. Every neighbour. Every colleague. Every stranger. Every person is a potential friend.

Is it not strange how the word “friend” creates closer connections than words such as a relative, brother or even a husband? But this is even a double blessing when someone turns out to be a husband, wife or family member.


One of the sweetest words in every language, no matter what it is called in this language. The person with whom you are in harmony, one accord. Someone who understands you is that you understand. The one with whom you are in your relationship. A friend is a person who has become more human to you than anyone else. Becoming a friend is to become a person in a broader sense at a deeper level than simply being a different person.


Why do not we define or describe friendship as a “ship” only with friends on board? A ship that does not carry any goods except friends. Indeed, in a real friendship, you both feel as if you have boarded a like you have climbed that sails in excess of the usual.


Friendship is a simple network of two people who discovered a special chemistry for communication, in which each person speaks things and acts in a way that is beneficial to the other. The epitome and glory of the life of selflessness. Life is at its peak and the best is friendship.

Nevertheless, in friendship there is irony: the benefits from the birth of friendship can coincide with the devastation of the death of friendship. Just as many lives have been transformed, discovery of true friendship, many lives have been overthrown by the destruction of the same. Therefore, in order to facilitate or alleviate the impact of the death of friendship, we really need to understand friendship in its many complex aspects and facets. Although friendship itself is a very simple human relationship, there is not much forgiveness about the ingredients and principles that lead to the creation of a great friendship.

To be a good friend means understanding the value of friendship. It also means that you know the type of friendship in which you are, the foundation for your friendship, the purpose of friendship and how to achieve a positive closure of fallen friendship.

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