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Industrial gas includes a large number of products consisting of elements, compounds (molecules), or mixtures that are gaseous at certain temperatures and pressures. However, they can be stored in the form of liquids or solids. The gas state of a substance does not have a given shape or volume. The properties of the gas vary depending on the pressure and temperature to which they are subjected.

Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide are the most common industrial gases, and argon, xenon, krypton, and neon are called noble gases. Many industries store gas in liquid form to facilitate transport and storage. When high pressure is applied, the gases are liquefied.

A wide variety of containers are used to store and transport industrial gas. Industrial gas cylinders are special containers made by manufacturers of cylindrical tanks. Compressed gases are used in laboratories, schools, and many industries. The gas in the industrial cylinder is under very high pressure. Gas must be handled with care, and the tank of industrial cylinders must be suitable for the gas for which it is used.


Safety Rules for Gas Cylinders:

  • Know your gas to reduce the hazards associated with gas processing
  • Dangerous Goods Classification
  • Cooling and color identification

Construction and Design:

Industrial gas tanks and industrial gas cylinders must be designed in accordance with the applicable standards that specify the material used, production method, pressure test, maximum allowable filling pressure, and periodic inspection method.

The Size of Gas Cylinders

Single-cylinder – depending on the volume and pressure required, a wide range of single high-pressure cylinders is needed. A letter code indicates the cylinder size. The contents of the container are measured in cubic meters or kg at standard pressure and temperature.

Set of cylinder manifolds – these cylinders are interconnected and are usually used where a large amount of gas is required.

  • The hazard of industrial gas tanks/cylinders
  • Compressed gas is hazardous if it does not work properly
  • The cylinder may burst because as the gas is under high pressure
  • Heating may cause the safety device to malfunction and release the contents.
  • When liquefied gas is released, it vaporizes to produce large amounts of gas
  • Gases are flammable. A small leak may cause an explosion.
  • Inert gas leakage causes asphyxiation
  • Corrosive and toxic gases are hazardous to health.

Gas safety, to a large extent, depends on the type of cylinder used. Color and thermal coating are also available.

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