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Gemini is the third sign of the sun, which comes in the astrological calendar. The origin of this particular zodiac sign is from the Gemini constellation. It comes in the third house, and it includes people born from 21 May to 21 June. This is an Air sign, which symbolizes by the Twins. The ruling planet is Mercury, and people born under this are witty, charismatic, energetic, attractive and interesting.

Gemini people are always looking for a new adventure, so they can try new things. They are possessive about their partner, so they will often check the loyalty and commitment. They have a great influence on the people of the opposite sex. They are also known for its wildlife and the desire to try new and different things. They are often afraid of marriage and settling down.


They are unpredictable and unreliable, but they are very successful when it comes to their careers. They have a lot of writing and speaking skills and they often make good preachers, orators, teachers, poets, journalists, writers and lawyers. They love to play with danger, that is why joining the army also has a great career option from them. Their quick wit, intelligence and logic skills make them a good astrologer and scientist do.

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