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Most manufacturers of the golf ball looking for the same thing, sales. They achieve this by satisfaction customers for their product. With this in mind, along with the observance of the rules established by the United States Golf Association manufacturers for the most part will produce golf balls with the minimum and maximum requirements.

The diameter of a golf ball must be at least 1.680 inches or 42.67 mm. Small golf ball tends to fly further than a larger ball due to less air resistance a smaller object in flight, or in other words, a smaller ball does not displace as much air as in a large bowl. With this in mind, most manufacturers will produce golf balls to the minimum size.


On the other hand, the weight of the golf ball in accordance with the rules of golf, must not exceed 1.620 ounces or 45.93 grams. The heavier the ball, the less it slowed by air resistance, thus further it will fly. For this reason most manufacturers produce the golf balls to the maximum weight allowed.

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