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A grassland is an area of land that mainly contains grasses. There are wild grasses, and there may be some trees. There are meadows in several parts of the world. Grasslands are found in Africa, North America, Central Asia, South America, and off the coast of Australia. The largest Grasslands are in East Africa. Grasslands with several scattered trees are called savannas. Others are called prairies or steppes.

Light rain falls on the Grasslands. From 25 to 75 cm of rain falls annually, which makes the weather in these savannas hot and sunny in summer and cool in the winter months.

The vegetation of grasslands can vary greatly in height. The chalky fields of southern England are rather short, often with small delicate flowers.

The grass is quite tall in the North American “high grass prairie”, South American Grasslands and African savannahs. This provides some degree of cover for small animals and increases the number of species that can live there.

On some pastures, woody plants, shrubs, or trees may be found. The root systems of perennial grasses and herbs form complex mats that hold the soil in place.

Tall grass prairie is the native ecosystem of North America before it was replaced by modern crops. Retreating from the moraine ice sheet material about 10,000 years ago. Gone with the wind loess and organic matter accumulate. It made the way. The deepest level of the topsoil was recorded on the prairie. Animals such as buffalo, elk, deer and rabbit

Pastures in Cantabria, Northern Spain
Added nitrogen to the soil with their urine and feces. Prairie dug tunnels that “aerated the soil and directed water a few feet below the surface.” Over 5,000–8,000 years, over 240 million acres (970,000 km2) of grassland have been a major feature of the landscape.

Due to the low rainfall in the grassland there are few trees. Thorny trees, called acacias, are one of the few trees that can grow here. Forest fires spread and destroy trees. Animals also prevent trees from growing, as they eat the tender sprouts before they can grow into mature trees. Elephants are known to tear down grown-up trees and feed on their leaves, making trees even more rare.

Grass can still grow because it survives the aridity and trampling of animals. That is why grasslands can feed a huge number of animals. Animals include mice, rats, which feed mainly on seeds. Snakes, hawks and eagles feed mainly on small animals. Large animals, mainly grazers, include zebras, ostriches, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, horses and antelopes.

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