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Our jobs can put a strain on our hard-working hands, wrists and forearms that leave our hands tired and sore.

Pain is a sign that our muscles and joints are overloaded. When pain persists or repeats can reduce the chance of injury. Our hands and wrists are particularly vulnerable to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

One of the signs of degeneration (wear) is osteoarthritis. Arthritis is a condition of inflammation. The body responds to hyperactivity of the joints. Although there are many natural treatments for pain relief, the state largely irreversible, so it should be avoided whenever possible.

We often try to ignore the pain. We believe that our bodies will be dealt with (and so, occasionally). We cannot cope with a distraction from the pain. And we do not want to think that something worse could happen, for example, chronic injury.

How to Prevent Hand Pain When Writing?

Select the pen, which is convenient and comfortable – In general, search for a broader barrel (larger diameter) lined with a handle.


Keep the pen freely – Do not squeeze your fingers around the handle or gripping it tightly. You do not have to stifle it, just pull it out on the page.

Don’t press the stylus strongly against the page – Get a good pen, so there is no need to press hard, and then pull gently and evenly pen to paper. If you prefer a pencil, try the next softer lead.

Write with your arm, not your fingers – Writing is not a drawing! Keep your hands and wrists still and your hands to move the whole, using elbows and shoulders (as you write on the chalkboard).

Take breaks – Leave yourself extra time for writing. If this is not the big final test, and you have no choice but to get up every hour or less, and walk for a minute or two. Relax your arms, hands and wrists at this time.

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