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The first Monday of September is Labor Day in the United States and Canada. Labor Day is an international holiday, although different countries celebrate it on different days. In each country this is a great opportunity to think about how much our life is built on the work of others. Our homes, clothes, cars, electronic devices, and food are most likely made by others. Even less tangible benefits, such as our civilian security and road traffic, are that we do not fight on the road, because people who use public transport come to us through the work of others.


Labor Day is also a good time to think about your own labor. We can get great satisfaction from our work and our achievements. Using our strength to produce a useful result can bring happiness through the flow, satisfaction from achievement and brilliance of the knowledge that we have helped someone else. Whether you labor with your hands and back or with your mind and pen/computer, the work can make you happy.

It is also worth thinking about the benefits that we all received from organized labor. Although labor unions are often controversial, especially in these difficult economic times, they have greatly benefited our modern society. From child labor laws, up to an 8-hour workday, to higher wages and benefits for all in general, labor unions have made most of us more prosperous and our economies more stable. In some parts of the world, child labor, long working days and low wages are still prevalent, due to which workers remain in poverty. Often these countries are also more prone to civil unrest.

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