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People have been in love since time immemorial. It would be unfair to attribute any particular history and origin of love and the feelings associated with it. But Valentine’s Day, the day which celebrates love worldwide, certainly has its history and its origin.

February is historically chosen for the month of love and romance and the month for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Can you possibly overlook the flow of love attachments, the tingling of “love” and the pervasion of red in color when the calendar turns into the month of February? Not. None of us can! Because one thing that is inextricably linked with February is Valentine’s Day – the most desirable coveted celebration after Christmas, and the day left aside so that love can spread everywhere. Valentine’s Day is by chance the second largest card-sending occasion, after Christmas.


Valentine’s Day has shadows of both Christian and Roman traditions. February 14 of each year celebrated famously, some believe that the Day of Valentine’s Day has its own history and origin in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. The latter was an annual holiday and a holiday of the Romans in order to protect the terrible wolves at bay from damaging their crops. Lupercalia was celebrated on February 15, when young men striking at women, because it was thought that these blows would make them more fertile. This connection between Lupercalia with fertility is probably one of the reasons why Valentine’s Day is associated with this ancient Roman holiday. Also on the eve of Luparkali, which takes place on February 14, young women were quite popular to find their partners for the festival. The romantic origins of Valentine’s Day can even be traced back to this practice.

No matter what the history and origin of Valentine’s Day includes, it sure includes this patron saint named St. Valentine. Now the story even says that there are several legends associated with Valentine’s Day. Summing up the two legends, we now know that there are two saints (with the same name Valentine) belonging to the early Christian church. One legend says that when the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade young men to marry to become better soldiers than individual men, a priest named Valentine spoke out against orders and secretly married young couples. Therefore, on February 14, he was beheaded for his “crime”.

Some even claim that Valentine was killed, because he was trying to help Christians to avoid the atrocities in Roman prisons. But, despite the facts, since February 14 we celebrate Valentine’s Day, noting this great patron of lovers all over the world.

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