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The HDMI or high definition multimedia interface cable is an essential component for connecting HD devices. An HDMI cable can send all digital video and audio formats. Before the arrival of HDMI, you need separate cables for audio and video. It can even manage the content of an Internet connection. This super cable can do it all, not to mention the messy cables you find behind your TV. You don’t need dozens of confusing cables going in all directions; A single HDMI cable is enough.

To get the best possible high definition images you need on all your home entertainment devices – TV, Blu-ray player, game console, cable box connected together via an HDMI cable. Of course, all of these devices must be HD compatible. Component cables will produce HD images (limited to 1080i), but you will still need cables for your audio output. And due to AACS restrictions, all Blu-ray players made after 2010 will only have 408i video output with component connections. HDMI is your best option.

Once the devices have been connected via HDMI, they have the ability to communicate with each other and read each other’s capabilities. For example, when a Blu-ray player is connected to an HDTV, a process occurs that configures settings such as video resolution and aspect ratio to match the content played to the highest capabilities of your TV. HD.


Features Not Version Numbers

Since its introduction in 2002, the HDMI specifications have continued to evolve. With each new version; A new set of features has been added. Version 1.3 was launched in 2006 and 1.4 in 2009.

New versions allow manufacturers to incorporate new functionality into their devices. However, just because a TV or Blu-ray player is 1.4 compatible doesn’t mean it has all the features that the 1.4 cable is capable of. For example, a Blu-ray player may have an HDMI Ethernet channel and it announces that the player is 1.4 compatible. Some consumers may interpret the 3D Blu-ray player because 3D is a feature associated with version 1.4 HDMI. But it would not be correct. Using version numbers for HDMI cables can cause confusion and mislead consumers.

For this reason, the version numbers will eventually be phased out when referring to the HDMI cables. Manufacturers can still use them until January 1, 2012, but must also include the specific features of their devices. All specifications are backward compatible with older devices. This is good news because you don’t have to worry about new cables working with your old components.

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