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Have you ever thought that the guy you want to have a relationship with someone whose heart is broken before? What do you do in this situation? How to penetrate the walls he had built around his heart? This is a practical situation. This often makes the girl cry. But since some of the “girl” treated him badly and broke his heart, he decided not to fall in love again.

How to win and keep the love of man, whose heart is broken before? How to find its way into your heart and to assure him that you do not switch to the heart? How would it make you believe women are not the same? And how to make him feel safe with you? Here’s another fact exposed on how to win the love of the heartbroken man.


The first step is friendship. Since he is not ready for another love relationship, you can start as a friend. Don’t just go up to him and ask him to be your friend, it is likely that he will see how the other comes the devil to break his heart. The easiest way to it approach through their friends or relatives. These people are responsive and sensitive to it. He believes in them.

Know About His Family and Past


When you manage to become his friend, and try to ask him about past relationships and empathize with him. We condemn the harmful actions of his former girlfriend and promote the ideals that would confirm this relationship. If you have suffered before, to tell him what happened, and to tell him how to recover from it. This is a good way to start a friendship.

Think about possible ways to help him recover from the painful memories of past relationships. Invite him to places that can simultaneously talk and have fun.

Be Caring and Loving

Call him, and send text messages to him time to time to let him know that you really care about him, just to let him know that you appreciate him as a good friend. Don’t forget to buy gifts on his birthday, and other notable days. Do not buy random gifts, but those who show that it means so much to you, and you love him. With these gestures, you will realize that it’s time to love again. And before you know it, it will complement their efforts and strongly invite you to a meeting.

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