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Greetings are very important to make that first impression at a initial meeting, and yet they are too often overlooked. One should never forget the importance of greetings in their daily relationships. So let’s take a look at why and how to offer appropriate greetings and impressions to the people you meet. Remember that often it all starts with a strong and happy hello.

“Hello” – Why should we think of greetings

First of all, greetings, whether on vacation, on business, or just because you first met someone, set the tone for the whole conversation. Let us say that one bumps into somone who may or may not having the best day. A bright smile, a firm handshake, and the above-mentioned greetings from “Hello” or “Good Day” will help connect the two parties. It is a warm gesture that will often be dismissed with a warmer and much easier welcome.


At its most basic level, a greeting is like a subject sentence. It sets expectations for everything that follows. So if your greetings are welcoming and friendly, it is more than likely that the recipient will expect the conversation to be just as pleasant. It is a valuable tool for guests and business people around the world. But of course, the question becomes, how can we improve our day-to-day greetings?

“Good Day” – Ways to Improve Your Greetings

When you meet someone for the first time, they say that you should look at each other in the eyes, say hello, and a firm handshake. One thing to note about these simple greetings is that you should always match the other person’s grip. After all, a strong handshake that doesn’t hurt the other suggests confidence as well as a willingness to communicate. After that, the greetings should start with simple questions to show interest in the other person. These include questions such as “How are you?” or “How is your day going?” or even “May I help you?”. Finally, we could also start greetings with an introduction. “Hello, my name is John,” for example, is a professional style of greeting that identifies and suggests trust and authority without being overbearing.

But what about written greetings? Well, the greetings, in this case, start with the greeting at the very top.

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