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In today’s world, we tend to focus a lot on ourselves and on all of the goals we want to achieve in life. This is, in fact, a very positive thing, and above all, the additional concentration on the field of self-development has led a large number of people to pursue their dreams and their ambitions and not to let their limiting beliefs stop them.

Even though more and more people are living beautiful lives and have more than they could ever need, there is an increasing number of people who are unhappy and feel depressed. The funny thing is that you rarely talk about depression and the like here in impoverished countries. It seems that people in impoverished countries have one focus: getting enough food, water, and shelter to survive.

By studying third world countries, it seems that depression and the life of big questions are only reserved for people from Western countries who have the freedom and the luxurious lifestyle to think about these things. What is lacking in our society and something that would significantly improve the quality of our life is to help others and to feel a sense of community with others.


If we really think about it, we are all a big family of human beings and the only thing that separates us are distinctions made by the spirit like color, class, country, etc. These distinctions are not real and the only thing they serve is to keep us separate from really connecting with our fellow human beings. Helping others who need help is one of the most satisfying feelings you can feel and if you have never felt this feeling you should try it and see what you think.

It is not necessary to give people money, it can be as simple as giving people time, listening to their problems and comforting them. It can also help someone in a task in which you have some expertise.

When you see how grateful people are for your help, you will begin to feel truly connected to the earth and the universe. The feeling of love you feel is indescribable and you feel like you can change the world with the smallest actions. Start right away and you will do it by yourself.

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