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Hippopotamuses seem to have a strange anatomy, but in fact they have short legs, which offer them to move both on land and in water. With toes and the webbing they can go around two areas without any problems.

Hippopotamus nostrils are on top of the head, so that it is easier for them to reach the surface of the air, but to do so they don’t have to exposed the whole body to make it, avoiding the sun and dangers.

Usually we think that chubby hippo aspect makes them friendly, but a little research shows that hippopotamuses are one of the most aggressive animals in the world. Their weight powerful teeth got such a terrible reputation.


Hippo aggression are also shown in the frequent fights between them. Males are more likely to fight out of a desire to be a leader because it is the only one to mate. Females are also very aggressive when protecting their young.

Hippopotamuses are herbivorous, and they consume up to 150 pounds of vegetation each day, and this amount is more difficult to find every day.

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