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There are many different manufacturers of hockey balls, many different types of balls and many different styles of balls. There are also many different price points for each ball. This can be very confusing from the start.

Types of Balls: –

  • Match Ball
  • Training Ball
  • Smooth Ball
  • Dimple Ball
  • Colored Ball
  • Lightweight Ball

The most frequently used ball is the Dimple training ball. The Match Dimple ball is obviously used for matches. The general idea is that the dimpled ball is the best, but expert advice suggests that a smooth ball can respond better on sand based astro pitches. Dimpled Ball was originally developed by Kookaburra for use in water based pitches. Its design was to allow the ball to move more smoothly on water grounds.


Choosing which color to use tends to open a lot of debate. White, pink, yellow or orange. I am convinced that White is still the best color you can use because you can see the ball in different lighting conditions. It is important to regularly wash the hockey balls in order to maintain the base color. The lightweight ball is designed, as a rule, for use with younger players.

Price ranges from £2.00 to £15 for training balls and £5 to £25 for balls with good matches.

Most hockey training balls have a hollow core, and when used in extreme conditions, care must be taken. More expensive balls usually have a central center, which ensures that they are more suitable for winter use.

Mini hockey balls of the same size as standard balls, but lighter. As a rule, a standard hockey ball weighs about 162 grams, but a mini, such as the Kookaburra Fury Mini ball, weigh about 104 grams.

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