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The game of professional hockey is not a child’s play. Sharp shots and applause from the audience comes to those who master this sport for many years, with practice, skills and hard work. As they say, hockey is all about art, not force, so you have to be stable in your abilities and steady with wrist and the stick. Although skills besides it includes some technical resources and much of this depends on the type of equipment you choose. Of all the club plays the most important role, since it is the main accessory, with which you play the game. Thus, in addition to your game, it is important that you choose the right hockey stick to play with.


Both left and right players use the same type of stick as necessary to use both hands to control it. It has a grip and a shaft, at the end of which is a flat surface and a curved hook that faces to the right. Players grip with the right hand at the base of the handle and the left at the top of the stick and the flat side of the stick to hit the ball with.



The most important aspect when selecting the hockey stick is the the weight. It should be fairly easy to hold and hard enough to get the desired strength of your shots. Most professionals choose medium-weight stick, but everything depends on the position you play. The forward position is complemented by a lighter stick, so they can be moved quickly and easily, while the defender would prefer a heavy stick to stop powerful shots and delivers hard hitting. Midfielders use an average weight as this benefits both the intensity and agility. If you are a beginner, then you should go for it, until you decide what your forte in the game.


Length of the hockey twig is closely related to your height and skill. If you are a professional player, the stick must be larger in order to maintain more coverage around you. But for beginners is better to take a stick that reaches just above the waist.

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