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Horses behave in a very systematic manner. They are one of the most intelligent mammals and their abilities are very strong.

Here are 6 interesting facts about the behavior of the horse you need to know.

1) Horses are natural grazing animals. They generally behave according to what makes them tick. Special sense of what motivates their fear.

2) As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the horses also are instinctive creatures and they need a companion. They are social creatures and don’t want to be alone.

3) If the herd belongs to the group, he or she can immediately detect danger. If they feel danger, they immediately run away.


4) If they are trained properly, the horses have excellent memories. They may know things immediately after this series of behavior often shown therein. They typically perform tricks by observation and experience.

5) From the point of view of sleep, the horse can sleep standing and lying down.

6) The horse prefers to sit when they sleep, because it stays apparatus at their feet.

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