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God’s creation is not unique and original, but also very special and specific. They are equipped with tools that will help them to reach perfection and excel until they reach the dizzy heights of success. The task of fulfilling the creation reality was also offered to man and other living beings. However, a man took it, and other creations declined. The reason is that the choice of making a decision was a man alone.

From the very beginning, the path to success is not as easy as it seems. Materialistic attractions and inner desires for worldly possessions have their effect. The man can weigh and distinguish between good and bad and follow the balanced approach. He must dive deep into the guide-book and understand the meaning and context. He then assesses the context of the creation’s reality for learning and experience. It is also the fact that the righteous path is not strewn with roses, but it is achievable and attainable to man.


If we read a book and constantly think, then it will open one’s heart, and he will find the road to success within his reach. It is important to note that success is not the goal of a human being. He must strive to achieve a remarkable feat and excel in a delightful way. The fact is that a human being is ignorant and is not trustworthy. Then why does a man take responsibility to complete the task of creating the one that assigned to him? It is equally important to think and judge why the Creator gave a task to man?

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