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There are many facts about the history of ice cream, and many myths, too. But, what is the history of ice cream? This article will focus on the facts what is for certain. The history of this delicious frozen dessert treat is fascinating in itself. This good ole loved American treat has a rich history and taste.

Have you ever wondered why people make ice cream with salt? This is not something that the salt went into the ice cream, but it did have the necessary part in it. In 1600s, people used ice, even in summer, to keep things cold. Salt lowers the freezing point of ice. Salt and ice bucket had been placed around the bowl with ice cream ingredients. This mixture will help to make up the ice cream freeze.


You do not need to know much about the history of ice cream, to know what is best for the blazing hot and dry summer day. But how would they freeze the ice cream in the summer, before the days of refrigeration?

According to the history of ice cream, Victorian England made ice cream fancy. You can not just serve it in a bowl; it should have been placed in mold. Do you feel like crossing your knees and sipping tea yet? (Of course, as long as it’s with ice cream nearby!)

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