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A meal is a part of food consumed by people. Meals usually includes several different types of foods, such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and in some cases meat. Meals has different names from the time they are taken or the type of food they eat.

Meals is mainly found in homes, restaurants and cafes, but can be found everywhere. Regular meals occur daily, usually several times a day. Special meals are usually held in connection with such cases as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, events and holidays. Meal is different from snacks, as food is usually larger, more varied and more filling than snacks.

The type of Meal served or consumed at any time depends on custom and location. Most modern cultures use three main meals: in the morning, early afternoon and evening. In addition, the names of dishes are often interchangeable and familiar. Some of them serve lunch as a main course for lunch with dinner in the afternoon/early dinner; while others may announce their lunch for dinner and dinner for dinner. With the exception of “breakfast,” these names may differ from region to region or from family to family.


In North America and Europe, people usually eat three times a day. The morning meal is called breakfast. As a rule, these are products from grain (cereals, oatmeal or bread), fruits (apple, banana or orange) and dairy products (milk, yogurt or cottage cheese). Many drink coffee or tea at breakfast.

People eat lunch around noon. People who working at jobs get a lunch break. Lunch includes items such as a sandwich, soup, vegetables, fruit and milk. In some countries, such as Italy, people serve alcoholic drinks for lunch. In England, some people have lunch with beer.

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