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A fairly large amount. And a concept that we may have encountered and that we may have struggled with in an occasional math class.

But why bother talking about it? The infinite seems hardly relevant for the practical questions of our normal day, or even our abnormal days.

Well, maybe, but the infinite poses a great intellectual intrigue. So a few minutes to infinity should provide a strong mental challenge and a distraction from the tribulations of our normal day. At least enough to warrant a few minutes consideration.

And rejecting infinity as irrelevant misses at least one relevant aspect of the concept.


Believing or not, seeker of faith or not, hating or not the concept, God, whether as an object of faith, or an ultimate question, or an irrational illusion, God is emerging as unavoidable. God serves as a guide to our lives, or asks questions that disturb our minds, or persists as an outdated concept born from ancient history in pre-scientific times.

And a major principle in most theologies, and in philosophy in general, fundamentally points to an infinite God – infinite in existence, infinite in knowledge, infinite in power, infinite in perfection.


Thus, as a fleeting but intriguing diversion, and as an attribute of a spiritual figure deeply rooted in our culture and our psyche, the infinite provides a subject that is worth a few minutes of our time.

What is the size of infinity?

Strange question, right. Infinity is the largest amount possible.

But let’s go a little deeper. We must apply a certain rigor to the examination of the size of infinity.

Consider whole numbers, numbers one, two, three and more, and also minus one, minus two, minus three and lower. We can divide the integers into even and odd. Common knowledge.

But consider a not-so-obvious question, a question you may have encountered. Which is larger, all integers, or just even integers? The quick response would say that the group of all integers exceeds the group of even integers. We can see two integers for each even integer.

However, if we have studied this question previously, we know the answer is wrong.

Nor is the infinite greater; the infinity of all integers is equal to the infinity of just even integers. We can demonstrate this by correspondence. Specifically, two groups rank equally if we can match each member of a group with a member of the other group, one by one, without leaving unsurpassed members in either group.

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