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Insurance is a form of risk management, in which the insured transfers the cost of potential losses to another company in exchange for monetary compensation, known as the premium.

Insurance allows individuals, businesses and other organizations to protect themselves against significant potential losses and financial difficulties at relatively attractive prices. We say, “significant”, because if potential losses are small, it makes no sense to pay a premium to protect against data loss. In the end, you will not pay a monthly premium for protection against the loss of $50, because this will not be considered a financial problems for the majority.

Insurance is suitable if you want to protect yourself from a large monetary loss. Get life insurance as an example. If you are the primary breadwinner in your home, the loss of income that your family will suffer as a result of our premature death is considered to be significant losses and difficulties that need to be protected. It would be very difficult for your family to replace their income in this way guarantee the monthly premiums that if you die, your income will be replaced by the sum insured. The same principle applies to many other types of insurance. If the potential loss will have a negative impact on the natural or legal person has a sense of security.


Life Insurance is the key to good financial planning. On the one hand, it protects your money and on the other hand, provides growth, thereby providing you with full financial and prosperity. Life Insurance can be termed as an agreement between the owner of the policy and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to consider pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured person’s or persons’ death or other event, such as a terminal illness, severe illness or maturity of the policy.

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