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Italy, officially the Italian Republic, consists of peninsula delimited is a European country surrounded by the Alps and surrounded by several islands. Italy is located in Southern Central Europe and is also considered part of Western Europe. The capital is the United Parliamentary Republic in Rome, with a total land area of 301,340 km2 (116,350 sq miles), and isolated microstates of France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and the Vatican City and San Marino. Italy has a territorial reserve in Switzerland (Campione) and a marine reserve in the Tunisian waters (Lampedusa). With a population of approximately 60 million, Italy is the third most populous member of the European Union.

Being in the geographical center of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Italy has historically been home to countless people and culture. In addition to the various ancient peoples scattered throughout Italy today, the most predominant was the Indo-European Italic people who named it on the peninsula, beginning in the classical era and of the Phoenician and the Carthaginians established colonies mainly on the islands of the island nations.


Greeks set up settlements in so-called Magna Graesia in southern Italy, and Etruscans and Sertes settled in central and northern Italy, respectively. was known as the Latin, the Italic tribe formed the Roman kingdom in the 8th century BC and eventually became republican with the Senate and the national government. The Roman Republic initially conquered and assimilated neighboring countries into the Italian Peninsula and eventually expanded and conquered parts of Europe, North Africa and Asia. By the 1st century BC, the Roman Empire emerged as the dominant force in the Mediterranean Basin, becoming a center of culture, politics and religion, and the development of Italian law, technology, economy, art and literature. Italy was the Roman homeland and imperial metropole. Its heritage is also found in the global distribution of culture, government, Christianity, and the Latin alphabet.

In the early Middle Ages, Italy endured the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the invasion of the barbarians, but by the 11th century, a number of competing city-states and maritime republics, mainly in the northern and central parts of Italy, had great prosperity through trade.

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