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Jars can be used to hold solids too large to be removed, or liquids too viscous to poured through; a bottle’s neck. It can be food, cosmetics, medicines or chemicals. Glass jars – the most popular of which is a mason jar – can be used to store and preserve various items such as jam, pickles, marmalade, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, jalapeño peppers, honey, and much more. .

Jars are sterilized by putting them in a pressure cooker with boiling water or in the oven for several minutes. Glass jars are considered microwavable.

Mason Jars

Mason jars with its regular and wide open neck with a threaded neck for the ring and lids, which Seal is certainly the best for keeping at home. Mason jar requires only a lid for any use in home canned food. You must wash the jars before each use in hot water. The use of a mild detergent is necessary when rinsing completely after such cleaning. This will not sterilize the jars, but will clean the jars for prolonged boiling of water or pressure canning.


However, if you are thinking about making jam, jelly or pickled products, then you need to sterilize the jars at home. This is a simple procedure, and it is easy to do by placing empty jars in a jar of boiling water. Fill both jars and canner with hot but not boiling water to one inch above the jar mouth.

The jar requires good lid and sealing gasket. When processing food, the lid seal tightens the surface of the jar, but leaves enough room for air to escape from the jar, which allows the gasket to form a airtight seal on your home canning jar.

Now your have your jars filled and to release the air bubbles with a flat plastic spatula, without metal, place between the food and the edge of the jar. Slowly moving the jar in a circle, press the spatula up and down to stimulate the separation and release of air bubbles. You must clean the edge of the jar by removing any particles that may prevent an air tight seal.

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