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K is the eleventh letter of the modern English alphabet and the basic ISO Latin alphabet. The letter K is generally represents the voiceless velar plosive.


In the first Latin inscription, the letters C, K and Q were used to represent the sounds / k / and / ɡ / (these were not differentiated in writing). Of these, Q is used before round vowels (eg “ego” EQO⟩), K is used before / a / (for example (KALENDIS) “calendis”), C is used elsewhere. Later, the use of C and its variant G replaced most of the use of K and Q. K survived only in some fossil forms such as Kalendae, “the calends”. The letter K comes from the Greek letter Kappa. This was taken from the Semitic kaph, symbol for an open hand. Likewise, it was probably adapted by Semitic who lived in Egypt from the hieroglyph for “hand” representing D in the Egyptian word for hand d-r-t. The Semites evidently assigned it the sound value /k/ instead, because their word for hand started with that sound.

Kappa was transliterated as C after the Greek words was taken in Latin. Loanwords of other alphabets with the sound d /k/ have also been transliterated into C. Therefore, Romance languages generally use C to imitate Classical Latin’s practice. In classical Latin, K is only in later loanwords from other language groups. Celtic language also tends to use C instead of K, and this influence carried over by Old English.



Today, English is the only Germanic language that uses hard (c⟩ “hard” productive (outside the digraph (ck) ) rather than the ⟨k⟩ (although, Dutch uses it in loaned words of Latin origin, and the pronunciation of these words follows the same distinction hard/soft) (like English). The letter “k” is silenced at the beginning of an English word before “n”, such as, “knife”, “knot”, “know”, “knees”. Like J, X, Q and Z, K is rarely used in English language. This is the fifth least frequently used letter in English language, with a frequency of about 0.8% in words.


The prefix 1000 SI is kilo. Formally abbreviated to k. For example, the prefix “meter” means m, kilometer or km means 1000 meters. Therefore, by replacing the last three zeros of the common numbers by “K”, the numbers can be represented in non-standard notation. For example, 50,000 equals 50K.

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