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Locks and keys are now so widespread and common that we hardly can’t even think about them. You can imagine what will happen tomorrow, when suddenly a world without locks? There will be no way to protect your home or car, or your personal belongings. They say that knowledge makes people take things for granted, and this is certainly true with the lock keys. So, in the spirit of the celebration of one of the most revolutionary devices that mankind has ever created, and one of the most useful things that we use today.


The oldest lock ever found in the 4000 years. It was found in a cave that was used to be ancient Egypt. That’s right, it looks like the smart Egyptians were the first inventors of the lock with the right ink, drawn by oxen, plows, papyrus (paper) and systems for the written word. Ancient Egypt was probably the most innovative society that has ever existed, and castles are one of the most important inventions.

The first real attempt to improve security lock was made in 1778, when British inventor Robert Barron patented double-acting lock.

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