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King or King Regnant is the title given to the male monarch in different contexts. The female equivalent is the queen regnant, and the name of the queen usually refers to the wife of the king.

High King

The high king is the king who holds the senior position in the group of other kings without the title of emperor. Such titles include the Great King and King of Kings. The higher kings of history usually had lands of cultural unity; so high kings are different from emperors who control culturally different lands, and feudal monarchs, where subordinates occupy lower positions. Higher kings may be elected by fewer rulers by election or be put into power by force, subduing weaker kingdoms.

Great King


The Great King and the equivalent of many languages ​​is a semantic name for the historical title of monarchs, which implies an increase in status among the masters of kings and princes. This title is most often associated with shahanshah (Shah of shahs, that is, the king of the kings, actually translated into the Greek basaltic basald of Vasilisa, later adopted by the Byzantine emperors) of Persia under the Akhendidi dynasty, whose vast empire in Asia lasted 200 years until 330 BC. e., and later also perceived by the heirs of the Empire, whose monarchical names were accompanied by the “Great”.

For comparison, “High King” was used by ancient rulers in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland, and also in Greece.

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