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Analysis of kisses, the science of kisses, types of kisses, and the social basis of kisses.

Kisses are one of the oldest human occupations. This is an expression of love, sympathy, or love for another person. If you go back to the history of kisses, a public kiss may not have existed hundreds of years ago and is still not allowed in some cultures, but we can safely assume that kisses existed for thousands of years, even if they were made alone, so be completely a natural form of emotional expression of a person.

Psychology students usually try to analyse kisses from a psychoanalytic point of view. Kissing is an oral activity, such as smoking or eating, it affects the mouth and can be traced to the oral stage of psychological development. To some extent, the theory of oral fixation may be correct. This means that some people are addicted to the mouth, enjoy the sensation in the mouth, and therefore are also addicted to kisses or related actions in the mouth. Verbal fixation describes some personalities, but in this article, I will focus on the analysis of kisses and related sciences.

Kisses are associated with neuronal and hormonal activity, and several recent researches have indicated that dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and sex hormones are released during romantic kisses. Dopamine and serotonin are chemicals (neurotransmitters), and oxytocin is a hormone that is secreted from the pituitary gland.


When emotions are involved, the amygdala and hypothalamus in the brain are activated, and the activation of the amygdala and hypothalamus, the release of chemicals and the stimulation of the pituitary glands and glands during a kiss create attachment and create a feeling of euphoria in a romantic relationship. In non-romantic relationships, kissing creates affection and emotional affection and is usually felt among friends, family members, social relationships, and so on. Kissing on the cheek is a type of social greeting that is common in many cultures.

The kiss can be interpreted in different ways, and the attributes of the kiss can be analysed by length or duration, depth, position or location, facial expression before and after the kiss. These elements, when analysed, will ultimately help extract hidden or obvious motivation for the kisses.

Since kisses are made on the human body, we have limited spatial coordinates. No one will be hopeless or keen on kissing a tree or wall, although this activity can also be analysed.

Without kisses, we would be a lonely race and become extinct rather quickly.

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