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Ladders of various types are found in almost all homes and workplaces. There are extension ladders, step ladders, rolling ladders, fixed steel ladders, work platforms, and different types of specialized ladders to meet specific needs.

Extension ladders are generally known to all. Most extension ladders are made of aluminum or fiberglass. Aluminum ladders offer lighter weights, which make them easier to use for the average person. Most extension ladders are available in heights ranging from 16 to 60 feet and weight capacities from 250 to 375 pounds. Weight capacity may be a bit lacking since most higher quality ladders are tested at four times the indicated capacity. Fiberglass extension ladders are the option you want to choose if you are going to do electrical work or work near electrical sources. The fiberglass frame will not conduct electricity protecting the user from electrical injury. Another characteristic which is a plus in the extension scales is the “D” steps. This means that the upper side of the bars is flat. This gives the user a safer footing when climbing and descending the ladder.


Ladders with steps are another common ladder, but can offer many additional features that most people don’t think of. The standard design of a step ladder is almost universal. But you can get them with a top designed to hold various tools. When working from a ladder to install a light, paint, or whatever task you need the ladder for, it can be cumbersome to keep all the tools you need. There are ladders designed for different types of tasks. Some have upper steps designed to hold painting tools such as brushes and tape. Others are designed to hold screwdrivers, electric screw guns, pliers, and other hand tools. This feature can make any job much easier and work from the ladder much safer.

With regard to rolling ladders, several styles correspond to this category. There are basic rolling safety ladders. This style of the ladder is very similar to a staircase on wheels with a handrail going up the stairs and around the upper platform. Most come with standard stair depths of 7 or 10 inches and a top platform of 14 inches. Most manufacturers offer deeper upper platforms if you need more space to work from the ladder.

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