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Discovering how adults learn is not just an academic obsession with university researchers and professors. On the contrary, it is an important undertaking in today’s environment where training is important for organizations to remain competitive and forward-thinking.

Sir Malcolm Knowles, the “father” of adult education, proposed four principles:

  • Adults are most interested in studying subjects that are directly related to their work or personal life.
  • Adults should be involved in planning and evaluating their education.
  • Experience (including mistakes) provides the basis for learning activities.
  • Adult education is focused on problems, not content.

To be effective, each training and learning initiative must include these principles. The peer education groups developed by the Peer Learning Institute to develop management are founded and satisfy these four principles.

Principle No. 1: Effective learning is directly relevant and influential. Adults want to learn how to solve immediate problem at work. The managers who get together create their peer education group around the selected thematic module, which will provide timely knowledge and skills to help them better cope with current problems in the workplace.

Principle No. 2: Effective learning is self-directed. Adults love to take responsibility for their learning decisions. Peer education groups are independent. Managers themselves determine their learning needs as a result of workplace difficulties that confound them. They direct a structured discussion of the issue. They choose the knowledge and skills that they choose to accept and use.


Principle No. 3: Effective learning is based on experience. Adults have rich experience. They need to share what they know so that they can build on that knowledge. In the right environment, adults can also learn from each other. The first learning group session group begins with the participants identifying, analyzing, and discussing where they were mistreated or poorly resolved the problem in the workplace. This forms the basis for the subsequent discussion of the root causes of the problem and alternative strategies for solving it.

After experiments between sessions, one and two managers reflect on their experience and plan how they will change their approach in the future to solve the specific problem under consideration.

Principle No. 4: Effective learning is problem-oriented. Adults prefer to focus on a specific topic or skill. The peer education group, as described above, focuses on proactive problem solving by identifying and analyzing alternative strategies in the first session; experimenting with a different strategy to solve a problem between sessions one and two; and reflection and the decision to adjust the behavior that occurs in the second session.

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