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light fixture, also known as a luminaire, is an electrical appliance that contains an electric bulb for lighting. A fixture body and one or more lamps are found in every light fixture. The bulbs may be in sockets for easy replacement, or hard-wired in situ in the case of some LED fixtures.

A switch to control the light may be mounted to the lamp body or to the power wire in some fixtures. Permanent light fixtures, such as dining room chandeliers, may not have a switch built inside the fixture and instead rely on a wall switch.

Fixtures require an electrical connection to a power source, which is usually AC mains electricity, but some are battery-powered for camping or emergency lighting. Direct wiring is used for permanent lighting installations. A plug and cord that plugs into a wall socket are included with movable lighting.


Reflectors for directing light, an aperture (with or without a lens), an exterior shell or housing for lamp alignment and protection, an electrical ballast or power source, and a shade to dilute the light or direct it towards a workplace are all possible elements of light fixtures (e.g., a desk lamp). Special light fixtures are designed for use in the automotive lighting industry, as well as aircraft, marine, and medical industries.

Lamps are commonly used to describe portable lighting fixtures, such as a table lamp or a desk lamp. The lamp is the light source in technical terms, which is known as the light bulb in layman’s terms. For technical purposes, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) prefers the word luminaire.

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