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Loki Laufeyson is the son of Laufey, head of Frost Giants of Jotunheimen, but soon after he was born, he was abandoned and left to die. Found by the Asgardian king Odin, Loki was raised by Odin and his wife Frigga as an prince of Asgard, together with their biological son of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) . When he grew up, he became known as the “God of Mischief.”

When Loki found out the truth about his real father, he made a plan to get Odin to banish Thor, so that it may be next in line to the throne. In the first part of his plan is working well, but Thor returned from exile on Earth and ended Loki’s reign of terror. Lost in the Universe, Loki made a deal with the other hand, the servant of Thanos, who gave him the command of his army of Chitauri to conquer Earth.


After he came to Earth, Loki managed to seize the mysterious tesseract, but he was ultimately defeated by a group of superheroes called The Avengers. Thor returned him back to Asgard, where Odin sentenced him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

However, Loki was later released from his brother to defeat the Dark Elves and their leader, Malekith. During the struggle with the dark elves in Svartalfheim, Loki faked his death and, unbeknownst to all, removed Odin of Asgard from the throne and took his place.

Loki character played by the Tom Hiddleston in Thor and The Avengers film series.

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