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L.O.L Surprise! Dolls are a toy phenomenon that has swept the world in recent years. These cute dolls combine the latest trends in toy-making: surprise balls, blind bags, sass. But how much does L.o.L dolls cost?

Various prices are posted online and in stores. Online prices vary according to demand and market (yes, there is a L.O.L. doll market). Prices in the store are more consistent, but if you go to the store, you will be less likely to find a doll L.O.L. (if you do…buy them!).

The price of a doll depends on the type of doll. In general, you expect to pay $6.99-15.99 for a L.O.L. doll ball.

Limited items such as Pearl Surprise and L.O.L. Big Surprise range from $21.99 to $69.99.

What It Is?

Imagine a world where babies run everything. This is the world found in L.O.L. Surprise! It means Lil Outrageous Littles. These are collectible mini dolls with an attitude and many fun surprises to discover. There are more than 45 L.O.L. Dolls collected in series 1. The first surprise is to find the doll you have. This is because every doll is packaged in a blind package. The second surprise is that you need a 7-layer pack to reveal the doll and reveal secret messages, collect-able stickers, bottles, shoes, costumes, accessories and then the dolls. There are some surprises in the circular container where the dolls come. The upper part is a doll stand, and the inside is a hangout place. There is even a high chair tray with food that kids remove from the bottom of the container and flip over to be used with the dolls in the hangout place.


From there, you need to use a bottle to feed the doll’s water, squeeze it to see if it spits, tick it or cries. Turn the container lid over and fill it with ice water to see if the color of the doll changes. In the collector’s guide, use collectable stickers to indicate what each doll will do for them.

In the collector’s guide, you helps you keep track of all the dolls. It is divided into eight categories: Glitterati, Spirit Club, Athletic Club, Opposite Club, Glee Club, Dance Club, Glam Club, Theater Club. Some dolls are fashionable, sophisticated, rare and very rare.

Is it fun?

These dolls are adorable and full of surprises. The children will really like uncovering all packing layers, reveal all the accessories, feed and bath the newly discovered doll, and find all the surprises until they see what the doll can do, And as each doll has a different appearance and features, kids will undoubtedly want to collect them all.

Who It’s For

L.O.L. Surprise! From 3 years to the adult supervision. Kids will enjoy the amazing features of each doll as they unpack all the layers of the pack and discover the special features that their newly revealed doll can do.

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