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All tantric and spiritual worship of the Hindu tradition begins with a invocation to Ganesha (or Ganesh), the elephant-headed god. Every shubh (good) work begins, worship of god ganesh begins first. Hindus, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, also celebrates a special holiday. Ganesha Chaturthi or Ganesha Festival is the day when Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is bestow his presence on earth on all his devotees. On this day, the marble statue of god statue of Lord Ganesha is washed and scented. They are decorated and worshiped. In some parts of India, such as Maharashtra, this festival lasts for 10 days.

Ganesha became the Lord (Isha) of all existing beings (Ghana) after winning a contest from his brother Kartikay. When given the task to race around the universe, Ganesha did not start the race like Kartikay did, but simply walked around Shiva and Parvati, both her father and her mother, as the source of all existence.


Many stories describe how Ganesha got the head of an elephant. One tells how Parvati creates Ganesha in the absence of Shiva to guard her quarters. When Shiva wanted to see her, Ganesha forbid it, and at that moment Shiva cut off his head. Later, Shiva restores the life of Ganesha and gives him the head of an elephant, because no other was available. In another story, Ganesha’s head was burned to the ground to ashes when Saturn is forced by Parvati look at her child and bless him.

Ganesha rides a rat, subordinate to the demon of vanity and impotence. The conch represents the sound that creates Akash. Laddu (sweet) represents Sattva. Snakes are the control over the poison of passions and refer to Shiva, the father of Ganesha. The hatchet cuts away from slavery of desires. Mudra gives courage.

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