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The name “Magazine” appear in 1731 with the occurrence of the Gentleman’s Magazine. The name of the magazine, which derives from the Arabic word ‘warehouse’ and is used to describe a place that has deposits a large number of different goods, but the analogy is used to describe a book that contains a lot of useful information for travelers and sailors.

The success of the magazine was great, but the cost of each issue is even higher. The printing costs were high, and the number of copies printed can not be more than one hundred thousand because it was technically impossible to push a lot of paper through the machine. Distribution was also a problem since it was difficult to move large numbers of magazines over long distances.

Evolution of the magazines

In Germany, in 1959, the legendary magazine Twen was released. Then was a provocative magazine for a young audience, and it consists of erotic images and intellectual articles. Its editor wants to attract a new young generation who wanted to differentiate from their parents and in this they succeed.


Magazine Subscription

When subscribing to a magazine, you will find various packages. Some of them for three months, some for six months, and some of them are monthly subscriptions. Depending on your choice, you can choose the type of subscription. Regardless of the subscription period, you have chosen, you can be sure to get the next issue of the magazine throughout this period.

When you subscribe to a magazine, it will be delivered regularly to your mailing address. Therefore, you will not have to rush to the counters and search the latest magazine release you want to read. Magazine subscriptions are useful in many ways. This is not only useful for readers but also better for publication houses.

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