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Most people recognize magnets as toy or materials with limited applicability like refrigerator magnets or magnets that hold the paper when attached to a metal surface. What many people do not know is that in fact, magnetic materials (magnets) have a wide range of applications in many areas of our lives, such as medical services, safety devices, communications, transportation. Below is an overview of the primary applications that magnetic materials have in the modern world and the future viability of new types of materials that are being produced these days.


Compasses traditionally use magnets. A compass is a tool for measuring the direction, using the Earth’s magnetic poles as a reference. The supporting frame consists of four cardinal points to the north, south, east and west. The magnetic compass interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, which looks like a giant bar magnet directed toward the Earth’s magnetic poles.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI is a method widely used today in medicine to diagnose various diseases such as cancer. The main application is based on the construction of images of the internal organs of the body, avoiding the use of surgery to detect and diagnose diseases. Since the body consists mainly of water molecules, MRI uses the properties of water in the presence of a strong magnetic field to obtain an anatomical image of certain parts of the body and is especially useful for visualizing the brain, muscles, and heart.


In an MRI device a magnetic field is used to make hydrogen atoms in water molecules resonate at a particular frequency, and then apply the radio frequency pulse, which changes the state of the energy of the spins. When the pulse of the radio stops, electromagnetic signals are emitted due to the separation of turns; the instrument determines this, and the image is formed using the advantage of tissue contrast.


Many security signals based on the use of magnets. Typically, these signals consist of a switching contact that responds to changes in the environment by sending a signal to the device to generate noise. In the door or window frame, a permanent magnet is installed from the magnetized material in another part of the window or door, creating a connection between the two materials after the alarm is activated. When something is disrupting the magnetic field generated between the magnet and the metal, opening the door or window, the alarm is activated.


The speakers consist of a conductor carrying an alternate current. When the wire is located in the magnetic field of a circular permanent magnet (which surrounds the wire), it experiences a force that generates sound waves by compression and rarefaction of the air surrounding the device. This vibratory cone is the diaphragm that reproduces the sound generated at the source.

Other uses of magnetic devices include credit and debit cards, televisions, electric guitars, electric motors and toys and represent a major factor for the development of new technologies for various purposes in the world.

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