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The world as a whole has been a training school, where everyone shows their morale unique style and pass on the good work to his fellow man. At creation, man was created in the framework image-likeness of God. God is a spirit in the creation of man. Therefore, man is spiritually possession of the spirit of God. It has become an integral part of God to his son-ship a man. Man becomes the image of the holiness of God on earth in the reproduction of righteousness. In fact, you should multiply the righteousness through childbirth. And this righteousness includes the knowledge and the power to control and dominate the way for human success.


Man in creation was to live in obedience to the creator. Because God is a God of principle; obedience to the principle he created man to have control and power over creation, to conquer and dominate the Earth’s creative forces. God commanded the man, “You can eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat it you will die”. This is the first commandment with a rule of man on the earth in which he was found guilty of disobedience. Man’s sin brought death practicality; practical man is mortal made of flesh and blood, without the Holy Spirit of God in him.

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  1. Bree Maan says:

    You might want to re-check your facts, man is in Gods image, is true, God however is not in man. The Lord will allow His Holy Spirit to dwell in you only after you accept the sacrifice of Jesus with a repentant(turning away from doing wrong)heart. We are not here to prove ourselves, we have nothing to offer, therefore we nothing to prove, we are here to bring praise and glory to God, we are made able to do that because He loves us, and for that kind of love, it’s the least we can do. and sharing that love with others is the only loving thing to do. Please read your bible, it’s the only way to know what the truth really is, and it’s reliable the dead sea scrolls prove it has remained the same for over 2,000 years, so many people out there only know what they hear from other people and all too often those people have their own agenda, not Gods in mind.

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